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My politics is generally left-leaning. I label myself as a Progressive and a Social Democrat. Here are the policies I support (In no particular order):

  • Medicare for All*
  • Tuition-Free Public College
  • Green New Deal
  • Gun Control*
    • Expanded and Improved Universal Background Checks
    • Mental Health Checks
    • Banning High-Capacity Magazines and Bump Stocks
    • Hold Gun Owners liable when another person uses their weapon for crime
  • Net Neutrality*
  • Internet Privacy Rights (Similar to Europe's GDPR law) including a Right to be Forgotten
  • Ending all Wars
  • Legalizing Weed and Decriminalizing all other drugs, treat this issue as a Medical issue as opposed to a Criminal issue
This is not a comprehensive list of the policies I support. This list will always be changing.

*This is a voting issue, I will not consider a candidate that doesn't support this policy. Further agreements can help further strengthen my support.

Here are the current 2020 Presidential Candidates that I support (In order of First Choice to Last Choice):
  1. Bernie Sanders
  2. Tulsi Gabbard*
  3. Elizabeth Warren*
  4. Andrew Yang*
*To be further researched

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